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Since 2006, our team has put its creativity and professionalism at the service of French industry sectors, by organizing professional meetings throughout France and in Europe.


Our business sectors are multiple: events, private security, retail, facility management, health, digital transformation, cybersecurity, business travel, indirect purchases, the CHR market. ..


It's our year of birth


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Nicolas GODARD

Fondateur & CEO

Groupe Meet and Com

Of course in general we wonder. A new fad or a new lobby? You have to think about the circular economy and the new economy, well, I've heard that one before, the new economy!


We are promised a radiant Green future without travel, you just have to skype yourself ... Without paper, you have to digitize everything ... But what did we miss? There has never been so many planes in the sky and the mail now pollutes more than the green print.


A green giant will lose his young there in a fertile field of GMO corn.


So now we are sold on the one hand the circular economy but it is the economy that circulates in China or elsewhere.


Recycle, recycle but we have never produced as much as in the era of the circulating economy.


There will be nothing circular, circular or new, this society, it must build its future. Our market must be on the front line, we travel, we gather, we train and inform. It is indeed time to rethink in depth, to count on the new generations & on collective intelligence.


Let's get to work, it's NOW!

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+33 (0) 1 75 62 20 38


107 rue Armand Silvestre,

92400 Courbevoie, France

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  Meet and Com Group

107 rue Armand Silvestre - 92400 Courbevoie

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