The mood post of the month by Anthony Fauré, Marketing and Innovation Director of Unimev - Editor-in-chief of the Innovative

Get out of the debated paths

In fashion, in series as in the economic and managerial world, the seasons punctuate the debates. There was that of experience, then of attention; more recently that of benevolence or resilience, the COVID-19 crisis requires. Events are no exception and the one devoted to digital technology, which will not replace human encounters, is endless. I do not understand anything about this season and its multiple episodes, so much does this duality appear to me as nonsense at a time of a world digitized from A to Z. Except to believe that the human encounter is in danger (lasting) to the point of decreeing the opposite several times a day to be convinced of it? Would we oppose the telephone to the human encounter? Are we going to stop using the internet when the end of the last lockdown is announced?

In this never-ending season, there is also the spin off which says that only the physical encounter brings emotions. I understood that I was the only one, when I was younger, to have taken great pleasure in playing online video games with connected individuals from all over the world and to forging strong bonds of friendship with them. The only one to have felt strong emotions when finishing a book, listening to music or living a movie scene. Here I am unique! I'm teasing...

Time is precious and, in this period when we are condemned to be bigger than ourselves, as Albert Camus wrote in reference to the gigantic stakes in front of us, use it to produce new horizons, new possible futures, daring debates, on the ethics of events, for example; let's get off the beaten track and debate a little in vain to be abrasive in idea and in action. Let us leave the obsolete expression "IRL - In Real Life" by the side of the road, because everything is In Real Life, everything makes up the human experience, everything is an encounter with the other, elsewhere, with oneself, and everything. can be useful and used to meet the needs and challenges of our audiences.

So, let's discuss, debate, mix our ideas, by phone, on an event when it will finally be possible (what a hurry!), In front of a cafe like here, and on this blog which only aims at one thing: to produce new ideas for build great seasons to come! "

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